28 May-2020

Information webinar for the first open call under the BOWI project for technological development of manufacturing SMEs

The webinar will take place on 04.05.2020 /Thursday/ from 15:00h in Zoom. Working language will be English.

If you are interested, please apply by e-mail to Mr. Todor Mitov - or by phone: +359 2 489 97 44

You can find out more about the BOWI project:



21 May-2020

ICT Cluster is ADMA's 2020 Best Performing Supporting Organisation

Having signed the Letter of Support in March 2019, the Bulgarian Innovation and Technology Hub – DigiTech 4.0, managed by the ICT Cluster Bulgaria, officially became an ADMA Supporting Organisation. One year and a few months later, our ADMA journey has been quite impressive


7 May-2020

Live Stream: Blockchain for SMEs–Hype or Opportunity?

Watch the latest live stream of Digitam SME Live Series. This episode guest expert is Petko Karamotchev - DIGITAL SME expert in Blockchain/DLT/Corda and Smart Legal Contracts, Director at INDUSTRIA.


3 May-2020

WEBINAR: Finding Cooperation Opportunities in Asia, Smart Cities and IoT Development in Taiwan

5th June 2020 (Friday), at 15:00-16:00 (Taiwan Time) / 10:00-11:00 Bulgaria Time
The webinar is free but requires registration 


28 Apr-2020

Block.Is - 2nd Open Call is Launched

ICT Cluster invites SMEs to participate in the Block.IS Second Call for projects and to receive up to €60,000 of funding and business support through an acceleration process!
Submit your application via the F6S Platform until July 22nd, 2020 (17:00 CEST)


24 Apr-2020

Коментари на ИКТ Клъстер по проект на национален стратегически документ „Цифрова трансформация на България за периода 2020-2030 г.”

Във връзка с обявения за обществено обсъждане проект на национален стратегически документ „Цифрова трансформация на България за периода 2020-2030 г.”, ви представяме коментарите на ИКТ Клъстер по документа


22 Apr-2020

ICT Cluster’s position on the Procedure "Supporting Micro and Small Enterprises in Addressing the Economic Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic"

ICT Cluster submitted its’ position on the Managing Authorities on procedure "Supporting micro and small enterprises to overcome the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic", saying that it was opposed to relocating funding from the Operational Program “Innovation and Competitiveness”.



10 Apr-2020

ICT Cluster supports the SME-led campaign “Digital Solutions in times of COVID-19"

ICT Cluster is happy to join the SME-led “Digital Solutions in times of COVID-19" Campaign launched by European DIGITAL SME Alliance.
Showcases digital solutions by innovative SMEs at



9 Apr-2020

Remote Meeting ICT Cluster and Sofia Municipality for Digital Transformation of Sofia

On 8th of April 2020 at a remote meeting ICT Cluster and Sofia Municipality laid the foundations for cooperation in support of Sofia's Digital Transformation.



24 Mar-2020

SMEs should get 50% of EU funding for innovation

99% of companies are SMEs. They should get 50% of EU funding for innovation, currently they receive only 20%. Amid the corona crisis, digital SMEs call on European Council for a 50% SME quota in EU’s digital innovation budget.





19 Mar-2020

АgROBOfood is offering 2.65 M€ to SMEs through its’ 1st Open Call for Innovation Experiments!

agROBOfood, in an attempt to boost the adoption of robotics in the agricultural sector and strengthen its’ network, has just launched the 1st "Open Call" for funding additional Innovation Experiments. Through this call agROBOfood will distribute 2.65 M€ for the direct benefit of SMEs (300,000€ - 500,000€ per proposal).


18 Mar-2020

Application deadlines and applications for programs of the Institute for Agro-Strategies and Innovation - EIT Food Hub Bulgaria

Here you can find information on all programs of the Institute for Agro-Strategies and Innovation - EIT Food Hub Bulgaria. Prizes and application deadlines.









9 Mar-2020

Program EIT JUMPSTRTER with prizes up to €10 000

EIT JUMPSTRTER is one of the most comprehensive cross-sectoral programs designed for early stage innovators of their business ideas who want to get guidance and a startup for their business. Participants will learn how to start building their businesses in a unique way its cross-sectoral environment, guided by the best trainers and mentors in the field.

Up to 10 000 euros in prizes are also provided for the best ideas.





16 Feb-2020

New opportunities for Digital Transformation of Agro-Food sector

Bulgarian Technology and Innovation Center – DigiTech 4.0 joined the agROBOfood network. Additionally to our existing services, we now can offer you technical, business and eco-system related services for the agro-food robotic domain, being available throughout this pan-European wide network of universities, research institutes and service providing companies. DigiTech 4.0 will serve as your agROBOfood contact point!