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ICT industry define its requirements towards educational system

25 October 2012
ICT industry define its requirements towards educational system

During September 2011 Bulgarian association of software companies (BASSCOM) establish working group of education with representatives of its company members. View the fact that education of young and ambitious people in Bulgaria is prior theme for every ICT organization, in the end of February 2012 BASSCOM group grown into common working group of education of ICT industry, where representatives of Bulgarian association information technologies (BAIT), Associations Telecommunications (ASTEL), Bulgarian Web association (BWA) and Foundation “Cluster information and communication technologies” (IT Cluster) take part in.
The main aim of the working group is to define requirements towards educational system – qualitative and quantitative – because the loss of ICT specialists slows down development of the sector, which is the industry with high added value in Bulgaria. The working group will indicate its demands to the education system in order to start training of ICT specialists in schools, because they build the key competences for the future career progress there.

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