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Green Ict deVElopment (GIVE)

01 December 2017 - 30 November 2019
Green Ict deVElopment (GIVE)


Green Ict development (GIVE) has started on 01.12.2017 and it is with duration of 24 months. General project objective is to build up strategic cluster partnership in the field of smart green technologies among the three vital industries - automotive, renewable energy and ICT. The smart green technologies encompass all industrial and human activities which generate positive impact to the environment applying Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). Today, traditional manufacturing industries as automotive and renewable energy should find smart solutions to answer to global environmental challenge they face by applying ICT.

GIVE partnership is very challenging because it has eight partners from six different countries, two different European regions and three vital industries.

The specific objectives of the GIVE project are:

  • to create a favorable framework for establishing a sustainable cross-industry strategic cluster partnership across Europe among three vital industries- ICT, automotive and renewable energy by implementation of partnership building and collaboration activities.
  • to build up sustainable strategic cluster partnership based on development of GIVE internationalization strategy and implementation roadmap .
  • to promote GIVE partnership and increase online promotion of GIVE partners by implementation of identity shaping,communication, promotion and online media activities.

The GIVE strategic cluster partnership aims to create sustainable cross-industry, cross-cluster and cross – regional collaboration focusing on development of new value chain in the field of green smart technologies focusing on automotive and transport sectors and on the support of SMEs internationalization on the third markets.

The project idea is to establish sustainable long-term framework for value-added partnership among ICT as a backbone of green smart technologies in the automotive, transport and green technologies sectors.

The GIVE partnership will  achieve its goals applying the following approaches:

  • cross – cluster driven approach creating framework conditions for fostering GIVE partnership collaboration based on identification of common goals, common social media performance, common visual identity , organization of common events  and common working groups ;
  • cross – industry driven approach identifying the common industrial niches for collaboration  in the field of green smart technologies;
  • strategy - driven approach fostering collaboration planning activities for increase SMEs collaboration and internationalization on common targeted third markets.  

​Expected results after project implemenation are: 

  • Developing a GIVE internationalization strategy including GIVE strategic cluster partnership agreement, GIVE internasionalization strategy plan, GIVE implemenation roadmap, GIVE draft financial plan. 
  • Build up strong cross-border cluster cooperation based on developing commercially valuable and trustworthy relations among GIVE partners;  
  • Developing a common marketing, communication and branding strategy and visual identity; 
  • Identified targeted third markets of common interest outside Europe;
  • Foster complementarities among ICT, Automotive and Green technology sectors;
  •  Create common knowledge base for internationalization and marketing in cluster managers and SMEs members; 
  • Establishing strong links among  GIVE partners and SMEs;
  • Initiate local awareness and dialogue on cross-clusters and cross-industry collaboration and SME internationalization in the field of smart green technologies, automotive and ICT 
  • Market Intelligence Report including intelligence gathering, assessment of market trends and opportunities in conjunction with the consortium capabilities and needs. The document will include recommendations on:  Internationalization readiness of cluster managers and SMEs,  GIVE areas of cooperation and complementarity among partners( technological, business, R&D, innovation), Target markets outside Europe  ; ​

GIVE ESCP consist of 8 partners from 6 European countries:
5 ICT Clusters: ICT Cluster Bulgaria, Albanian Information and Technology Association, Cluj IT Cluster, Chamber of Commerce for Information and Communication Technologies – Skopje, ICT Cluster Central Serbia;
2 Automotive Clusters: Automotive Cluster Bulgaria and Automotive Cluster Serbia
1 Green Technology Cluster from Latvia: Green-Tech Latvia 

The partnership development is coordinated by ICT Cluster Bulgaria and financially supported by COSME programme of the EC. The project preparation was supported by REG USAID Project.

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