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EOS project

01 November 2010
EOS project

At the end of December 2008 the EOS project had finished. It was financed by the FP6 program of the European Commission.

During the project implementation wide range of services for support of SMEs had been developed.

After detailed analysis of the EOS project’s results and achievements, the members of the consortium took decision for prolongation of partnership network and to create new organization, which will offer and develop the services for SME.

Bulgarian ICT Cluster is a full member of the consortium of the New EOS.

The EOS services will have one price in all areas of the partners’ network.

The new organization also gives opportunities to other interested organizations to become members of the EOS network and to offer EOS services to SME. 

Bulgarian ICT Cluster was a partner in the European Office Project(EOS) aimed at opening the international markets to small innovative companies. 21 European organizations participate in the consortium.

The project was a good example of how small and medium-sized enterprises can respond to the challenges of globalization and find a place on national and world markets.

The major goal is research, application, testing and promotion of a set of good practices and services for development to help small and medium-sized innovative companies. The services and activities offered through the project are organized in three major categories, according to the needs of the different companies and the final objective they want to achieve:

  • Soft Landing – support for companies that want to get a place and develop on the international market. For example: assistance in office providing, help in fairs participation, organization of meetings, providing of information services on the spot.
  • Networking – presentation of entrepreneurs to investors, business angels, scientists, universities, clients and partners through organization of events and meetings in different formats and on different topics.
  • Boosting your business – consultation services aimed at helping entrepreneurs and starting companies to receive business advice and support in the successful development of their business on regional and international markets.

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