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Entrepreneurship without boundaries

10 April 2013
Entrepreneurship without boundaries

Foundation ICT Cluster will implement project “Entrepreneurship without boundaries”   BG051PO001-7.0.07-0215, financed under Operational Programme “Development of Human resources”, co-financed by European Social Fund from European Union. The project will be implemented with partnership of Ardino Municipality and Corc BIC – the most famous and successful European incubator.

Аrdino Municipality is part of “undeveloped village regions” in Bulgaria. It has a high rate of unemployment – about 26 % of the economically active population through the beginning of 2013. One of the main problems in the municipality is the tangible absence of young people, and also lack qualified specialist. The municipality has low efficiency of labor compared to average country rates.

The main aim of the project is to develop human resources, to improve the quality of life and to promote the social inclusion in Ardino Municipality through development of entrepreneurship, transfer of European best practices and know-how in the field and use of information and communication technologies.

Specific project objectives аrе:

  • To stimulate employment and development of the region through implementation of  trainings in entrepreneurship in the Ardino Municipality;
  • To create an entrepreneurial culture and to stimulate business thinking and communication of young people, citizens of Ardino Municipality, through transfer of best practices and know-how from the Cork Incubator  – CorkBIC, Ireland;
  • To promote the implementation of innovative methods based on ICT technologies  for implementation of qualified entrepreneurial trainings and access to information and education in remote Bulgarian regions ;
  • To create sustainable ecosystem for own business development and to promote entrepreneurial  spirit in Ardino municipality, through the analysis of existing conditions for creation a business incubator in Ardino following the example of CorkBIC;

Target group of the trainees within this project is new and would-be entrepreneurs from Ardino Municipality at the age between 18 – 40 years old. It is necessary applicants to have high school or university degree and to have own business or idea to start own business.

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